Our Story

Beardhood was founded with a simple proposition, and a strong argument: to offer personal grooming products that help you to be at your confident best, at affordable prices. It all started in 2017 when we noticed that personal grooming was either ineffective or heavy on the pocket. Enter Beardhood. With our range of non-toxic, free of harsh chemicals products, we don’t claim to change your personality or give you superpowers. We just help you be neater, more confident, and well turned out, every day. You know, the ultimate feel-good.

Key Pillars

Key Pillars

Honest & Authentic

Each Beardhood product comes with a badge of authenticity. We don’t make promises that we can’t keep. What you see is what you get.

Driven by the Spirit of Entrepreneurship

We believe in serving our customers with cruelty and toxin-free products. All of the Beardhood products are natural and organic to provide your skin with the best properties of mother-nature.

Cruelty Free, always

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Road to Sustainable Personal Care

Innovating for a sustainable future is at the heart of what we do. Beardhood is firmly in the direction of attaining 100% sustainable products, and we’re almost there.


The Passionate Minds Behind Beardhood


Gautam Khosla

Founder & CEO

Gautam comes with over 7 years of experience in business consulting, supply chain & procurement analytics, and after a prosperous career with giants like Bain & Co. he co-founded Beardhood. Creating effective, safe, and innovative grooming products is what he is passionate about.


Kunal Shandilya

Co-Founder & COO

With over 12 years of experience in manufacturing and sales & retail of Healthcare, Ayurveda and Personal Care products, Kunal has been a key driving force behind Beardhood.


Sahil Khosla

Co-Founder & CFO

Sahil is a Chartered Accountant with a wealth of experience in financial consulting. His impressive professional journey includes notable stints at renowned firms such as KPMG and Edelweiss Finance. At Beardhood, his expertise plays a vital role in driving our financial success.