Beard & Moustache Wax – Natural Strong Hold


All about BeardHood’s Moustache Wax:

  • What is moustache wax: The styling agent that your moustache needs with pine sap, adding the required grit. Full of quality, natural ingredients, this wax does the job of molding your facial hair without the need for synthetic petroleum products
  • What you get when you buy it: 30 grams of strong hold moustache wax in a sleek, silver container. BeardHood’s wax will keep your facial hair in shape with deep-nourishing elements as well!
  • What about the scent: The natural ingredients give a musky, understated scent, which feels like the wholesome goodness that your moustache needs
  • Ingredients: This moustache wax is a blend of hand picked essential oils mixed with Shea butter, beeswax, and most importantly the key holding agent; pine sap. Avocado oil, unrefined coconut oil, and nourishing Vitamin E oil complete the formula that is going to become your daily styling essential
  • When to apply: Infused with with nourishing elements as well, moustache wax is a must when you want to step out with a super styled look. Whether you’re going for a majestic handlebar or a simpler style, the wax will be your one stop solution
  • How to Apply:
    • Scoop out a thumbnail sized amount using back of the thumb and rub it vigorously between your fingers to warm it up
    • Run your fingers through your moustache in a downward or outward motion, spreading the wax evenly
    • Don’t forget to comb it out in the direction of your moustache style so that the product is well distributed and doesn’t accumulate anywhere

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