Beard & Body Bath Soap – Luxury Bar


All about BeardHood’s Luxury Soap Bar:

  • What is Beard & Body Bath Soap: A blend of natural ingredients, this cleansing soap is made especially for your beard and the skin underneath, protecting you from the extra germ accumulation
  • What you get when you buy one: 100 grams of BeardHood’s Cleansing Luxury Soap Wash is rich with Shea and cocoa butter. It produces a really creamy lather and keeps your beard supple and clean
  • What about the scent: The Luxury Soap Wash bar has a more floral scent with hints of lavender, patchouli, bitter orange and bergamot. The combination provides a light, musky scent to keep you smelling fresh all day
  • Ingredients: The Luxury Soap Wash is formed with a combination of oils; coconut, palm olein, pomace, olive, jojoba, castor, avocado and essential oils of patchouli, lavender, bitter orange and bergamot. In addition there is also some water, lye (sodium hydroxide) and a mix of cocoa and shea butter
  • When to apply: Apply every morning to get a fresh beard that kick-starts your day! If you’ve spent a day in the dirt, then it’s also advisable to wash at night following by a few drops of beard oil to keep your beard healthy and happy!
  • How to apply:
    • Lather up the soap by rubbing it between your hands and massage thoroughly across your beard and the skin around
    • You can wash it off immediately and it will leave your beard feeling soft, clean and untangled!

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