Handmade Folding Wooden Comb


All about BeardHood’s Handmade Foldable Wooden Comb:

  • The first of it’s kind to be available in India, it is completely handcrafted with all season sheesham wood and is an essential tool for beard & moustache maintenance
  • What you get when you buy it: A high quality 11×3 cm comb which comes in a pocket friendly leather pouch, is easily portable and looks like a classy grooming tool to carry for the bearded man. The fine teeth are suitable for most moustache and beard types so this is something you’ll definitely need
  • Carefully crafted with the knowledge and care that it takes to maintain facial hair. It’s going to keep your mane in check and help style with the aid of other products like beard cream and moustache wax
  • When to use: There is no limit to how often you want to use this comb but it’s essential to use after using any facial hair products for even distribution
  • How to use:
    • Run it gently through your hair in the direction of growth and the way you want to style it
    • Don’t forget to wipe the comb clean, so that the excess product doesn’t get clogged on it

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