100% Natural Beard Balm


All about BeardHood’s Beard Balm:

  • What is beard balm: Made using oil blends and beeswax, beard balm provides good balance of hold and conditioning to your hair. It’s denser than oil or cream and is a great beard styling agent. Beard balm is like the love child of oil and wax and has the benefits of both!
  • What you get when you buy it: 50 grams of highly moisturizing beard balm in a handy silver container. The minimalistic container packs a good quantity of balm that is going to last a while!
  • What about the scent: With all natural ingredients, the balm doesn’t contain any unnecessary scents. A wholesome scent of essential oils, shea and mango butter and a hint of pure beeswax that will give you an earthy aroma
  • Ingredients: Natural carrier oils of hempseed, broccoli seed and rice bran mixed with mango and Shea butter gives you the nourishing blend that your beard needs. Just enough pure beeswax to provide a touch of control as well
  • When to apply: It’s best to apply when your skin is slightly moist after a shower or washing your face. Frequency depends on the length and texture of your beard, so you’ll have to do some trial and error with this one!
  • How to apply:
    • Scoop out a coin sized amount and rub it in between your fingers to spread it out evenly
    • Run your fingers through your beard in the direction you want to style and smoothen from the top
    • Don’t forget to use a comb or brush after applying so that it spreads evenly and keeps your beard looking well groomed!

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